A Complete Solar Plan Developed for You

K2 Power Solutions prides itself on our ability to create unique solar solutions for your home and business. We have options to enhance your landscape architecture, including roof installs and ground mounts.

Clean Aesthetic

K2 Solar uses a variety of solar panels in various colors that blend seamlessly into many housing designs. We can even work with custom designs or colors. We can utilize edge pieces that can give your panel system a complete look.


We work with panels that come with standard 25-year product and performance warranties. Exact panel warranties may vary depending on final product selection.

Our panels utilize extreme weather ratings, so you can be sure they’ll last through snow, hail, ice, and anything else the Michiana climate throws our way.

All Weather Technology- low light issues and temperature problems are a thing of the past with innovative technologies that produce optimal yields regardless of weather conditions.

Efficiency and Longevity- You can expect efficient energy yields and panels that last when working with K2 to build your custom solar plan.

Where Do You Want Solar?

K2 Solar is experienced in building racking and mounting solar in various areas. Our most popular are roof mounts and ground mounts. Additionally, we are able to install on commercial & industrial roofs.

Roof Mounts

Ground Mounts

Car Port Mount

  • Ideal for smaller spaces/when ground space isn’t available
  • Less expensive
  • Can provide systems to work with charging electric cars
  • Increased accessibility
  • Maintenance & cleaning is easier
  • Solar array weight isn’t an issue
  • Can be more efficient
  • A parking structure with the roof made out of solar panels
  • Can create systems to work with charging electric cars

Control at Your Fingertips

With every solar install that we complete, you receive access to an online portal that shows you in real-time what your system is doing. You can monitor the production or yield from your entire solar array or from a single module. Additionally, you’ll be able to see comparison information and offsets. Software specifics depend on the chosen inverter for your system.



Increase Your Energy Production

Increase your total power generation by pairing your system with a battery. Without a storage solution, you’re only able to use what you’re making at that point. Through a battery, you’re able to store power, thus allowing you to create more power through your system. You can use this power during times of lower yeild. Some battery options also function as backup generators for your house. Most batteries are a grid-assisted storage solution, however, in certain conditions, we can create off-grid systems through the use of generators.


01 Aesthetic

02 Durability

03 Mounts

04 Experience

05 Battery

How Can We Power Your Energy Goals?