Our Process

At K2, we take pride in being certified general electrical contractors, specializing in best-in-class solar and energy solutions for home and business needs. When working with K2, you’re receiving a premium product with a premium service you can see. Our goal is to change the energy market landscape by providing high-end renewable energy systems in the Michiana area.

Questionnaire & Quote 1

After filling out the questionnaire on the Contact page, K2 will follow up within a week with a custom design and basic proposal without needing to visit the job site.

Consultation 2

Next, K2 will visit the property for a consultation to identify feasibility. This includes assessing the condition and quality of your roof and if there are electrical needs that may need to be addressed. Once complete and a proposal is signed, this will secure your place on our schedule for an installation.

Pre Installation 3

Safety measures and quality control is built into our process. Before installation, all panels are tested on the ground, micro inverters are tested, each string is tested before tie-in to the inverter to ensure function. K2 will secure all permits and requests on your behalf. K2’s mechanical and electrical teams will come out and preinstall the needed electrical equipment.

Installation 4

K2 prioritizes efficiency in our project installs; however, project timing will vary depending on installation type and timing. Racking and modules will be installed first. Our electrician will install inverters and electrical tie-in. Once this is complete, your solar system is ready for use. A final walk-through is completed with our electrician to ensure proper installation and that everything follows code.

Post-Installation 5

Your solar array monitoring system (online portal) will be set up. The monitoring system will allow easy monitoring and calibration of your system 24/7. We will provide access to troubleshooting and resources to learn the system from the manufacturers.

How Can We Power Your Energy Goals?