Store It All With Battery  Solutions

Combined with a solar installation, a battery unlocks new potential for your solar system.

Increase Your Total Power Generation With a Battery.

Without a storage solution, you’re only able to use what you’re currently making. Through battery use, you’re able to store solar power and continue creating power. You can then use this stored power during times of lower solar yield or times when purchasing energy from the grid is too expensive. Most batteries are a grid-assisted storage solution, however, in certain conditions, we can create off-grid systems through the use of generators.


Battery Features

Some batteries, such as Generac models, may be installed on their own as a backup power source and can even be upgraded if power needs increase. We also install battery models that store power in AC, making it easier for your home to utilize your solar faster. If you’re in need of a more custom solution, we can build batteries that are customized for your system needs. Power needs vary depending on property type and energy goals, so K2 will assess the best fit for your system.

Upgradeable | Indoor/Outdoor Models | Home and Business Ready


Battery Benefits

Store excess electricity in-house

Reduce electricity cost

Independence from grid problems

Full power even when weather is preventing optimal solar yield.

Works in silence, no generator noise

True freedom from fossil fuels


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Free yourself from grid constraints with a battery solution.